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See, I have this hangup. [Oct. 16th, 2010|10:22 pm]
Robert Hutchinson
My hangup is that I feel bad about posting to LiveJournal when I'm a month behind on everyone else's LiveJournal. And I've been a month behind for ... quite some time now. Time management, I do not haz it masterd. I've started posting to Facebook again only because I can mentally justify only reading the last 24 hours' worth of entries on there.

So, anyway, you know ... I'm still here. (timid wave)

[User Picture]From: jungle_goddess
2010-10-17 10:45 am (UTC)
I, for one, don't keep track of how many times anyone comments to my journal. I also don't really care that someone else may be doing just that on theirs.

I'll gladly take a quick hi from you and know you're okay (or not, you can bitch about life as you see fit in any venue you choose).

So, Hi! (not so timidly waves back)

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