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Oh no!

All my lovingly detailed life updates that I've been posting daily to LiveJournal for the past six months haven't been showing up? *gasp*

Oh, wait, that's right, I forgot to write them.

This is emphatically not a "sorry I've been gone so long" post, or a "I promise to post more" post. (Even though I am, and I want to, respectively.) But my path of least resistance is well-trodden on the Internet, meaning my thoughts usually show up on Twitter, or occasionally Facebook or Google Plus. I have actually been catching up on posts for a while before today, and while I'm still not 100% there, I feel like I'm fairly updated on what about 95% of you are doing 95% of the time.

Until next time, cheese and crackers!
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No subject

For once, I've actually been away from most of the Internet rather than just LiveJournal. Which is probably good for my obsessive read-everything nature, but bad for keeping up with folks. I'm gonna make an effort to at least skim over everyone's updates the past couple of months, but if I miss anything important, my apologies in advance.
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Mystery Hunt! Wooooo!

Tomorrow, weather willing, I will be arriving in Boston to participate in the 2011 MIT Mystery Hunt. This will be my second time competing, and as much fun as I had in 2009, I expect this to be even greater because:

A) I intend to get sleep when I need it,

B) I am going to embrace the joy of co-solving puzzles rather than feeling like I need to prove something by trying to solve them myself first, and

C) I am *noooooot* going on the runaround. (I mean, unless there's a part I can participate in that doesn't involve me wheezing and falling over.)

I look forward to seeing many of you there, teammates and competitors alike. And I'm going to try to remember to document the experience, although, you know, good luck when I'm solving hard puzzles for 48 hours straight.
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A year (almost) in random pictures

So, I took all these pictures, most of them with my previous crappy cell phone camera, and I've been saving them with the intention of posting them to LJ at some point, and now it's an entirely new year and why haven't I done this yet. Here we go!
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Still to come: pictures, just about as random as these, from my trip last month to see jedusor and projectyl in Seattle. (Yes, jedusor, I do solemnly swear not to put off that update indefinitely.)

Can Robert keep up this terrific rate of posting something once per day in 2011? Find out! Probably no later than about January 4th!
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See, I have this hangup.

My hangup is that I feel bad about posting to LiveJournal when I'm a month behind on everyone else's LiveJournal. And I've been a month behind for ... quite some time now. Time management, I do not haz it masterd. I've started posting to Facebook again only because I can mentally justify only reading the last 24 hours' worth of entries on there.

So, anyway, you know ... I'm still here. (timid wave)
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Did you get a to-do?

I have the most trouble getting myself out of the house on a Sunday. So, an experiment!

1. Have late breakfast at Waffle House (yum)
2. Oil change (overdue) (They were closed!)
3. Haircut (ditto)
4. Groceries (need for survival)
5. Find an iPod dock with a speaker that doesn't cost $100+ (this is optional)

Let's see if moving some electrons around makes me any less lazy!

(UPDATE: I have now indicated what I did and didn't.)
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Remember the time . . .

. . . when I said I was going to try to post something every day this month?


(It's not that I have nothing to say or that I've left LiveJournal. It's more that I tend to find Twitter an easier outlet for my random thoughts, and that I'm two weeks behind on reading LiveJournal.)